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~ Wednesday, September 11 ~

Remember these fine ladies from backstage TlBI? These nails by Jin Soon added that fierce ice queen ambiance to their silver goddessed look and now you can have it too!

- I used white and black, however, their pallet seems to be more of a white blue and a stark gray.
- Their lines are not straight but rather imperfect, to get this effect drag the tip of the brush very slowly or use a fine point sharpee after the white is completely dry.
- I tried to make these my own by adding lines to all of my nails, the lines came out thicker than I like. Next time I’m going to thinner, wispy lines in a muted purple or dark gray.

I can’t help but be reminded of the film Hanna when I see their finger tips and Oblina from Ahh Real Monsters when I see mine… NAILED IT.

Over all they are sleek, mod, fashion forward and with a go or two, quite simple.


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